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Welcome to the minimalistic web site of Health Insurance Inc. We have opted out of the "who has the most content" race. There is a copious volume of information floating around the internet these days related to health insurance. Some of it is actually accurate.

At Health insurance Inc., we individually advise our customers based on the specific situational facts present in their health insurance requirement. We readily have the resources available, so our customers do not need to search for it. This concept is often, not immediately recognized these days. It is something called problem solving and service.

In short, here is our focus: Health Insurance. Yep, you may have picked that up from our name. Hopefully, you will not be too disappointed that we will not try to sell you property/casualty insurance, retirement plans, life insurance investments or legal and pet plans. However, within health insurance, our services are comprehensive. We serve the following market segments:

A. Individual/Family Health Insurance. This includes "Marketplace" aka "Exchange" plans as well as "Off-Marketplace" plans. There may be a cost for our services. If we are compensated through the insurance company that you choose for coverage, there is no service fee. However, If you choose an insurance company that does not provide compensation to us, there is a service charge. Marketplace Privacy Notice

B. Employer Based Small Group Insurance. Many company/network options are available.

C. Employer Based Large Group Insurance. This includes fully insured plans as well as partially self-funded plans. We work with an assortment of TPA's and stop-loss carriers.

Health Insurance Inc. is an independent advisor of Health Insurance. The companies listed below reflect a sampling of the local, regional and national carriers that we represent.


We offer two information links that you may find helpful:

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